Top 10 Franchise List for October 2010

The top franchise list was picked from the franchise companies that attracted the highest visitor attention on the Franchise Solutions Directory in October 2010. This week, ACFM (the ATM Franchise) knocks 7-Eleven out of the the 3rd place spot that they’ve held for almost a year!

The Top Ten Franchises for Sale for October 2010 (in the United States):

Subway – Fresh, delicious subs and sandwiches from one of the most well known food franchises in the country.

DVD Now Kiosks – Provides DVDs through their convenient vending kiosks for renting the latest DVDs and video games.

ACFM ATM Franchise – Develop and operate your own network of ATM machines! No previous experience is necessary.

7-Eleven – Perhaps the biggest and most famous convenience store in the world. Serving the popular Big Gulp, famous Slurpee drink, and much more.

Cell Phone Repair – An retail franchise that specializes in buying, selling, and trading electronics and cell phone devices.

Fresh Healthy Vending – Offering healthy, fresh, and delicious menu items including soups, salads, and deli items.

Saladworks Restaurant – The leading salad franchise in the nation, that serves the freshest salads possible.

American Billing Systems – Help local small businesses with payroll and accounts payable tasks with this popular B2B franchise business.

AIS Media – Enter into the growing interactive advertising sector and help small businesses plan their online marketing.

Flip Flop Shops – Take advantage of the retail footwear business that offers the latest brands and styles of flip flops and sandals.

NB: The opportunities in the Top 10 List were not picked based on profitability, chance of success or growth rate, instead, they are the franchisors that drew the most attention in the month of October, 2010.

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    Happy New Year!
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    • franchise malaysia says

      @ Joy Nandy,

      Hi Joy! Happy New Year to you too.

      It’s a very nice looking website that you have there. However, based on our understanding the business is not a franchise (please correct us if we are wrong). Perhaps, it is more appropriately be classified as ‘licensing’ instead of ‘franchise’.

      We also wonder whether you are willing to pay some fee in order to be listed in our website.

      Anyway, if you’re interested, kindly browse a few of our site pages. Try to get a hang on the common info listed and email the necessary details to franchisemalaysiateam(at)

      Million thanks for your kind interest.

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